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Multi-Chrome Shade Shifting Pigments

These pigments change colours when you move in different angles, they can be used on your face, body and nailsEyeshadow, highlighter, lip setting or even nails coating

All you need is a tiny amount as these pigments are extremely pigmented and rich. Smooth and easy to blend. Add liquid medium to make mixture for a wet and richer look.

How to Use:

1. Use flat natural sable brushes for the easiest application 

2. Before applying pigment, make sure to apply primer or other base to have your pigment stick. This will prevent creasing.

3. Apply little amount and then add more. This will prevent eye shadow for falling

4. Pack the color into the base thoroughly Do it slowly!

- Do not use fluffy loose brushes

- Do not blend chameleons



♥ Multi-Chrome: Different shades in the same product while light and angles shift. Gives you an extra and futuristic look

♥ Face/Body/NailsIdeal for eye shadow, highlighting, lip setting and nail coating. Multi-functional makeup that you will definitely hit-pan on.

♥ Pigmented: Full on pigments  and coverage all over application.

♥ Smooth: Made from ultra thin powder and baked into one pan, each application is smooth and rich. No chalk and streaky makeup in here.
♥ Wet: Intense and rich pigments gives you a wet finish. Mix with liquid medium (water or toner also will do) to achieve an extra wet, even glass skin finish.


Net: 0.2g/Container (See image with container)

1x Multi-Chrome Shade Shifting Pigments